I don't recall doing a 'resolutions' list last year (my searches came up empty, but it wasn't a hard search). So I can't say how I did this year. but I lost some weight and wrote more, so I feel pretty good about things so far.

As for this year:

* I want to write once a week. I've been doing really good with this lately and I did pretty well last year (err, for parts of it. I think there was some massive failing in the summer). One, because I'd love to finish the book I'm working on (which is quickly become a series in my head...whoops). Two, because I enjoy it. It oddly gives me something to look forward to on Mondays :)

* I want to participate in Nanowrimo (Soba, can you hear me pronouncing it funny? Cause I can.) this year. Which terrifies me. But I want to step up and do the challenge! *trembles*

* I'd love to get down to 120 weight wise, but I'll settle with just being more fit.

* Read more. I know, some people think I'm nuts, but I'd really love to read the stacks of books that I own that I don't read. Of course, I just got back from the bookstore...

* Meditate/destress. I seriously need to chill or something I'll figure out the details later.

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