Goals and Aims

Happy New Year!

As the new year comes, people across the country make resolutions that (most likely) won't last. And for the past year or so, I've decided making forgettable resolutions aren't my thing. So once again I'll be doing monthly lists with goals for that month. January's are below.

However, I do have ONE aim for the entire year: Get down to my pre-injury weight of 125 lbs. As of writing this, I weigh 135 lbs. It's not a huge jump, so it shouldn't be unreasonable, but I LOVE food and being tired and in pain so much of the time has diminished my workout ethic. But the new workout schedule is going pretty well, so I'm optimistic.

January's Goals
1. Keep on exercise routine.

2. Write for three hours every week (doesn't have to be at once).

3. Finish current knitting project.

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