Time in a bottle, eh?

No blogging recently, because I've been busy or uninspired. Monday I had a great idea for something to write, and by the time I got home (after getting my oil changed), the idea was nothing more than a pen mark on my hand.

Currently, the only thing on my mind is "how am I going to afford that?" "how am I going to get there?" and the such.

Which is boring and depressing.

Cooking and eating has been fun recently, with vegetarian tacos (soft tacos that uses rice instead of beef, mostly because I forgot to buy beef and rice was handy/cheaper) and mushroom quesadillas (for breakfast, fresh cooked with american cheese on wheat tortilla, fuckin awesome). Plus my famous PATs (peanut butter and apple tortillas) and fresh tomatoes out the wazoo.

Still walk-walk-walking at work, and while I enjoy it, it is getting a bit...tiring?

Looking forward to this weekend.

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