As if sleep were an option at this point.

Last night was horrible.
To sleep would have been release, but I remained
ever aware of my pitiful state.

Last night was terrible.
The warmth only coming
from within.

Last night was unbearable.
To know it would be the longest
of the year.

Last night was futile.
Remembering how alone
we really are.

Last night was miserable.
Singing lullabies until I slept
tears still in my eyes.

This is not a poem, this is just me rambling in a poesy sort of way.
It's especially cold today, I'm not sure if it's because last night was so bad, or just the change in weather. But it's cold. So very cold.

I know the dark is lifting now, each day grows longer.
And yet I can't help but think how the dark is still growing all around me.

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