In which we grow up...

I had a moment of contemplation today.

While leaning back from an art project I'm working on, I sat on the couch, looking out the window at the afternoon sun and thought, "I've grown up."

I have my own place, I have a job, I have my friends and hobbies and I take care of my own expenses. I am, by most definitions, a grown up. I have been for several years now. It made me laugh. Or at least a good chuckle as I sat there in my tank top and shorts working on a project that could be considered juvenile. It made me extremely happy that while I've grown up, I haven't gotten old.

I then proceeded to need a tool for said crafting and realized I received a flier from the necessary store recently. 50% off, today only. That always makes for a charming evening trip.

Good evening.


  1. I got married at eighteen and had a kid a year later, which wasn't enough time to enjoy being grown up, so thank you for letting me enjoy it vicariously.

  2. I think you still have a young heart, and that's what matters!

  3. Sounds like you were enjoying adulthood more than any of us.

    And hey, having a kid should be part of the "enjoying" of adulthood.