Resolutions...what are those?

Not only have my resolutions been nearly forgotten, but I haven't even done monthly updates. Blech. So here's the mid-year review.

Sitting up straight? Nope, I much prefer to look like a question mark. I'm trying to amend this...so it hasn't completely been forgotten. Just waylaid. Via Timbuktu.

Meditation. Sure, I do that in 5 second increments. I take a deep breath, hold it, and then I'm off doing something else. I have been taking walks and sort of meditating there. So. Yeah.

Reading non-romance book. Er...okay, sorta? Many of the books I've read have a queer theme, a bit of romance, but a good portion of them aren't strictly romance. And some not at all. Let's be honest Rachel Haimowitz's Anchored is not a romance, no matter what it's sold as. In balance I hope to do a month of completely nonromance reading (in August or September it looks like), with the only romances being those I do for reviews (whether I ask for a review copy or I'm given one).


Now back to work.

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  1. Hey, I believe you said you have a friend who is interested in libertarianism. I'm including a link he might appreciate that explores some of the issues in libertarianism, though its pretty scholarly in nature, so it might be a touch advanced or thick. I think the authors are really on to something.