It's that time of the year again

No, not Halloween.

Nope, not Thanksgiving either.

I'm talking about Nanowrimo, that time of the year where I become (more) antisocial, think about nothing outside of my characters and plotline, and worry myself sick over a few hundred more words.

Gotta love it!

This year's story is tentatively called "Speak With Their Voices" (from the Poets of the Fall song "Roses"). I look forward to giving you updates on how that story progresses, and if anything shall come of it.

CL is currently with another beta who will give me feedback and, depending on what she says, I will go to a publisher or to the recycling plant (or the garbage heap!). I'm trying not to think about what she'll say, because that just makes me worry and freak out, which does me no good!

Okay, so consider me on quiet mode for the next month, unless something exciting happens. You can find more current updates on my tumblr, which is for quick and dirty ones: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/alexwhitehall


  1. Hey, don't know why, but I feel like your tumbler accounts should be headlined "Writing."

    I feel like the period ads finality to the headline and encapsulates the meaning of the blog.

  2. ...I hadn't put that much thought into it :) But I shall consider the suggestion.