Into the depths

My writing/editing/general work ethic has been floppy lately. I work full time and part time, so I guess there's an excuse, but excuses are just that, so bleh.

I'm rewriting CL, although after the first chapter and a half I got derailed by two boys playing piano. Two boys flirting over piano is much easier to write than a man who is heart broken, devastated, and has nothing to live for.

I got the edits done for MotF and submitted it. No idea if it's good enough. As my bosses have proven to me, I have no sense of my self-worth. :D Well, it's been submitted, so I can't do much else about that.

I have a few other stories that keep floating on the edge of my vision, one of which needs some major edits so it doesn't feel cheesy (or any more cheesy than I naturally am), one that is stalled and has great potential but no movement, and I really want to make a submission to the BDSM holiday open call, but the guys are being suspiciously quiet.

That's it for now. One day I'll post more than once a month :D


  1. "...is much easier to write than a man who is heart broken, devastated, and has nothing to live for."

    Well, I'd venture to say that it's something we all experience at least once in our lives...
    But I realized I had no idea, when I discovered I follow the tumblr account of a Marine who lost his childhood friend and first love and significant other in Iraq during his tour there a couple years ago.

    Watched him die, in fact, covered in his blood, saw him smile...
    Couldn't kiss him or tell him he loved him or any of that.

    And I cannot begin to imagine that kind of heartbreak and devastation. Reading his words though, I can begin to see.

    It's an example of the resilience of the human mind -- but military personnel are trained early to compartmentalize.

    "Two boys playing piano" definitely has my attention. I'm looking forward to reading it.

    1. Wow. That certainly puts things into perspective O.O

      Thanks for the comment. Hopefully the boys get beyond the pages they're written on.

  2. Excuses excuses. Ill believe you'll post when i see it.

    1. Ptttt on you, Mr. I post all the time