December Goals

I don't think I made November goals, because after returning from GRL I had a task in mind--which I completed--and I knew my editing self was going to be busy--which I was. I still aimed to write 100 words a day...which I only did for under half the month. And suddenly it's December. I'm not sure how this happened. I've barely begun thinking about the holidays! This is going to be another busy month, so I'm trying not to over-plan, or else it will all blow up in my face.

1. Edit my submission for Rachel and send it to her. (I'd like to get this done at the beginning of the month.)

2. Finish shopping/knitting presents.

3. Get back on track with Frogs story.

4. Stick to my new exercise schedule.

So that's it. I should probably add "update blog more often with interesting content," but let's not get crazy.

Yep, Carlos and Cecil. Find the rest of this collection here.

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