July? You're kidding me...

June's goals
1. Finish BAW (edits and at least start fleshing out the ending).

One goal. One not-that-big goal.
Okay, so it's not completely true.
I didn't FAIL. I did finish reading through and doing rough edits. However, once I completed that, I just flat-lined.

And I swear there was a DNR lying around or something. Because there was no life in my pen this month. And it just flew by.

So I got the edits done, wrote the first line of the rest of the damn thing, but haven't done the major reworking that needs done. So it'll probably be on this coming month's list.

I've also begun a new venture, which will probably take some of my time up, and I want to start learning computer coding, because it's useful and could be good for some future plans. AKA, I'm piling more things on my plate than I can possibly handle. And I still haven't gotten in touch with the local writers' group.

July's goals
1. Finish one level of Code Academy - That's 6 hours of stuff, so it's a mouthful, but hopefully I won't choke.

2. Read a new, nonwork-related book. Just one. I mostly have been rereading old favorites and stuff for work. And I'll even count rereading books that I read a long time ago (pre-accident) and no longer remember.

3. Work on side project of mystery goal.

4. Write a thousand words OR prep a story for submission. Oh yeah, I do that sometimes, don't I?

I'm hoping lots of smaller goals will help me complete them, now that I'm getting in the rhythm of my new life.

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