Wake me up when... Shit.

August's goals
1. Apply what I learned from Code Academy into a website project.
2. 1,000 more words written
3. Review HtPD and see if it can become something. Currently it's super short so it either needs to get more written for it to stand alone, or I need to hunt down an anthology for it to fit into.
August was different than I was expecting.
1. NOPE. I did absolutely nothing for this. I think because I lost my momentum after June, this goal just fizzled and died.

2. YES. This is actually where all my efforts went. I probably wrote roughly 7,000 words this month (guestimate). I made good progress on a current WIP, and I'm feeling positive about it. I felt since this was going well, I'd go along with it rather than derail potential progress here for Goal 1 work.

3. I sent it to a beta, and it's currently with another beta, who has offered up some ideas that need development. I don't know if I have 1,500 words of development, but if I do, that's going to be awesome. I'm waiting for the final report from the Beta 2, but I'm busy with the other WIP, so I'm not too worried about this.

I looked around at a few places for this one, but the length is going to need to go up first for pretty much any publisher I send it to, so I'm focusing more on the revision than anything right now.

And now...September.

September's Goals
1. Work toward finishing current WIP (trans* story).

2. Do an editing pass on SaP (shifters).

3. Work on baby blanket (for my second niece). This isn't writing related, which I'm trying to focus on more, but this is going to suck some time and it needs to be done for the solstice, latest, so I need to give it some serious attention (and it's going to take forever).

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